2023-2024 Coaches Application (London Raiders)

2023-2024 Coaches Application

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The London Raiders appreciates your interest in minor hockey coaching, and we thank all the candidates for submitting an application. Please be advised that not all applicants may be contacted for an interview. If an interview is required, the applicant will be notified of the time and format. All coaching positions are considered “open” annually and all potential coaches, including previous coaches, must complete the application and interview process.

Submission of the application will automatically go to the Coaches Committee for review and consideration. The Coaches Committee will consider all applications based on details, due diligence conducted, previous experiences with the London Raiders, ORHL, and “best fit” for the team(s) and the London Raiders.

If accepted to a coaching position, I agree to uphold and abide by all rules, regulations and procedures as set forth by the London Raiders and the ORHL the league the teams play within. I further understand and agree that as a coach I bear ultimate responsibility for all team officials holding all required qualifications and any and all team staff conduct while performing their duties. I understand and accept that if I fail any of the requirements, I can be suspended or removed from the position at the sole discretion of the London Raiders Coaches Committee and/or Executive. I hereby certify that the information contained in this application to be true and correct.