FAQ (London Raiders)

London Raiders Rep FAQ

Do I have to register with Red Circle to tryout for the London Raiders?

No, you must register for tryouts on the londonraiders.ca website

What if I already registered with Red Circle and I want to tryout for the London Raiders?

You must register for tryouts on the londonraiders.ca website

What if I already registered with Red Circle and I make the London Raiders team?

We will transfer your funds from Red Circle to the London Raiders.

Does the Rep team still play in the Red Circle house league?

No, this team is a full time rep/travel team playing in the ORHL.

If I don’t make the Rep team, what are my options?

There may be other ORHL teams in the area that need players in your age group and that may be an option for you.
Taking part in the Red Circle house league and trying out for the Select team is another way to develop and help with the next step. The Select teams will take part in at least 2 tournaments, get a couple of practices a month, some exhibition games and will join the rep teams for some specialty clinics like goaltending, defence and shooting clinics

What league does the Rep team play in?

The Raiders are fulltime members of the Ontario Rep Hockey League (ORHL). There are teams in this league in the London, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton and Burlington area.

What does the season consist of?

The season will consist of 40 games and 24 practices. Breaking down to 3 tournaments, 3 showcases and 16 regular season games. The plan is to have 1 practice per week with some specialty clinics and some dryland training.

What will my fees cover?

The fees will cover the above mentioned ice times and training as well as home and away uniforms, insurance and some of the administrative cost to run the program like the website, bank fees etc. Team clothing, hotel costs etc are above and beyond to this cost.

When are tryouts?

May 6, 20223. The londonraiders.ca website has all the information. You must register there. 


What is an ORHL showcase?

An ORHL showcase is an event held in one city with most of the games at a main arena complex and you will play 4 games over a two day period. There are no championship/playoff games and normally these will result in one night at a hotel if out of town and can either be a Friday/Saturday, or Saturday/Sunday schedule.

Will there be out of town tournaments with the ORHL?

There is a tournament scheduled for Brampton (Peewee-Midget), Buffalo (Novice & Atom) and London (all divisions) and there will be a season ending tournament/playoff championship out of town at a TBD location. There will be a showcase in London and two in Brampton.

Will the Raiders take part in any Select tournaments in London or Barrie?

It is possible we will take part in one or both of these tournaments and they will be at additional cost if the team does take part.

Will there be out of town weekday games?

Most games are scheduled for weekends only. If we do play a weekday game, it will be close proximity to London.

How are teams selected?

There will be several evaluators at each tryout and their input and that of the head coach will be used to determine who made the team.

What happens if I make the team?

We will ask all players to make a non-refundable deposit towards their season fee to secure their spot. Further down payments towards the team fee will take place closer to the start of the season.

How long is the season?

Teams would start practicing in September and then would be playing until the end of March.

Will I need to take any vacation days/will kids have to miss any school for games?

Showcases are rotated for the Friday starts between divisions, but they do start playing on Friday morning and all tournaments start Friday morning as well. There may be times when your team may not be scheduled to play until later in the afternoon, but normally teams will play 2 games on a Friday at a tournament/showcase.

Do you need help?


 We are accepting coach applications, each team will need a trainer and there will be parent reps for each team, we need committee members and there are several administrative positions that don’t require a hockey background (scheduling, website, fund raising etc). For tryouts we will need people at the door to check people in, we need coaches on the ice and we need experienced evaluators in the stands.

Will there be fundraising?

Yes there will be fundraising, there will likely be campaigns that benefit the organization, the team and/or the individual family.

Do I have to take part in fund raising?


 There will be team campaigns to raise funds for extra ice, team functions etc, opting out would mean that each player’s family that opted out would be responsible to contributing towards a minimum share of the goal.
 An example would be a team that wanted to raise funds to get extra ice time. It wouldn’t be fair for some not to participate in the fund raising but get the extra ice, so they will be responsible to cover their portion of the costs.